Ludwig Weinzierl

I'm , and I'm an engineer and software developer. I graduated from Munich University of Applied Sciences in 2001 with an engineer's degree in physics. After a few years as a finite element method (FEM) expert in aerospace I make software for the automotive industry since 2006.

I live in Munich with my wife and my little daughter.

You can read more from me on Hacker News, check out my projects on GitHub or follow me on Twitter.

Ludwig Weinzierl, Photograph by Anton Tandiono

Photograph by Anton Tandiono.

Other portraits of me.

My Bitcoin address is 1Hb5Qz1je4suY4ZWfyDgvpntmnTxJ2u6xF.

My email address is weinzierlweb klammeraffe weinzierlweb punkt com, use my PGP key if you like.

My postal address is:
Ludwig Weinzierl
Rubensstra├če 8
81245 M├╝nchen

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